Gearing up for Science Fair Season

We’re working hard to get out our latest Science Fair Project videos for the 2009 season – so you don’t have to work so hard at figuring out what and how to do it all! I’m in the lab right now and have only a quick break between video shooting, but I wanted to give you a heads up – we’ve finished recording the rocketry video yesterday and today we’re working on the solar power project. For some reason, these seem to be the top two out of all 200 projects we have that people really wanted to know about!

We’re going to have all the documentation, forms, project guide, step-by-step video, and more for every Science Fair Project link – which is different from the format we’ve had previously, which has been just how to do the experiment itself. But we realized that doing the experiment was only a small part of the whole Science Fair project experience!

So now we’ve made complete videos which detail each and every step, from researching topics to designing a quality question, to making a display board to giving a presentation… it’s all being included. We expect to have these available after the first of the year (January 1, 2009) so you have plenty of time to read over the project and do the activities yourself.

We’ll keep you posted as we go along – this is just a quick update as to what we’re up to! You can visit our website to see what we’re about at this link.

More soon,
The Supercharged Science Team

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