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Last Tips for the Science Fair Season

We get a lot of emails asking for the best science fair project idea so their child can blow away the competition.  Have you ever noticed which science fair project topics actually win?  We checked into a few of these science fair project winners ourselves just to be sure, and here’s what we found:

Science Fair Project Winners:

“Static Electricity in Different Materials”

“Blowing Up Bubble Gum – Sugarless or Regular?”

“Which Toothpaste Makes Your Smile Shine the Best?’

“Building Better Airplanes”

“Which Additives Make the Biggest Bubbles?”

So – do these science fair project ideas sound like rocket science?  You don’t have to build a nuclear reactor in your garage or find the cure for colds in order to score high with the science fair judges.  It’s not what you say, it’s how you do your experience and present your ideas to the crowd that really count. So while you’re purusing the internet for science fair project ideas, just note that it is more important how you carry out your experiment and deliver your message that will make or break your chances to the science fair project winner’s circle.

If you need help with that area, then be sure to check out our winning Science Fair Projects which include step-by-step instructions on how to cover all your bases and get it right the first time.  Otherwise, best of luck with your science fair project!

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