About Me

Mechanical Engineer, Rocket Scientist, University Instructor, Airplane Pilot, Astronomer…

Hi! I am Aurora Lipper, and I welcome you to my web site. My work evolved as an expression of a value I am committed to in my life and want to offer others: envisioning, empowering, and taking massive action.

I attended Cal Poly State University in San Luis Obispo, California, where I obtained a Bachelor’s Degree in Mechanical Engineering (with a minor in Mathematics and senior project in Rocket Science) in June 1996. While in California, I received a Air Force sponsorship, based on my academic background, to pursuer further studies in a Master’s program with Edward Air Force Base in Dryden, California. I was also a student pilot and shortly thereafter received my private pilot license.

In June 1997, I completed a Master’s Degree in Mechanical Engineering at Cal Poly State University, with a thesis in flow patterns of F-15 engines and with 4.0 GPA and was awarded Graduation with Distinction.

In Fall 1997, I became one of the youngest instructors in the engineering department at Cal Poly State University, where I taught lectures in Statics, Dynamics, Engineering Systems, and labs in Fluid Mechanics, Vibrations, and Engineering Design.

When teaching at the university, I noticed a few things… One of the big things that hit me was how bored the engineering students were!  And I couldn’t figure out why. I loved what I was working while I was at NASA (working on rockets and jet engines). So why didn’t the kids seem to have the same excitement? I decided to investigate further, and I looked into how kids are taught before they reached college.

When I saw how kids were being taught science in high school, and especially elementary school, I realized that I’d be bored, too! That’s when I decided to do something about it. But what could I do? At first, I had no idea, so I continued along my career track to becoming a university professor. I began doctorate studies at Stanford University in the High Temperature Gas Dynamics Lab (Combustion) and spent my free time at the local children’s museum in the San Francisco Bay Area. I spent my free time (small as it was) traveling to elementary schools giving science talks to kids.

Teaching elementary schools about supersonic combustion did not seem like a good idea at first. But after awhile, I realized how much physical science was really needed in all levels of schools (in private, public, and homeschool environments).  But once the word got out that a real engineer was teaching at a school, well… I had to hire 12 additional staff to handle the requests!

I have now taken the opportunity to have a wider range of students, as we travel across the country giving talks and workshops to kids everywhere.  By 2008, we have worked with over 30,000 kids through our science programs.

Many parents and teachers have learned the teaching strategies needed for self-motivated learning through my intensive workshops and camps. I share a unique perspective on overcoming the stressful and overwhelming tasks of teaching and doing real science in a meaningful and impactful way through my experiences as an instructor, speaker, scientist and engineer.

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